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Tinkers and toys

Welcome to the Laboratory

Here is just what it sounds like my lab. The files below are the seeds for new pages and bits of what ever I happen to be working on. I have also started some DIY pages. I plan to give them their own page some day when there is enough of them and if I continue to create them.

The bay and Bow calculator is a web version of a basic program I wrote over ten years ago to help me design Bays and Bows for Home Guard. I sold the program to Home guard so everyone could have use of it. They still use it but it is being phased out as Fenevision's Bay bow wizard takes over.

Bay and Bow Calculator

The up to date version of the next two pages are on the website.

Door and Sidelite Openinging designer

Door and two sidelites Opening Designer

Do it Yourself Guides

This is one of those things I only do once in a great while. I wanted a guide so I could review the process when I needed it.

Setting a user or work group file in M$ Access 97

The Newest DIY page is a parts break down step by step. Of coarse if you don't work at home guard or with Fenevision your really are not going to get much out of this.

How To run a Part Breakdown "Fenevision

Here a fast guide to setting up a signature on your outgoing E mail in Thunderbird.

How to Add a Signature to Thunderbird.

How to use Irfanview to handle your Document Scanning