The Four Foot Version

No instructions for this one as there the same as the 12 inch lamp. Here is the view from the end.               And here is from the front. I have added a strip of aluminum duct tape to Block the light when I am sitting at the desk. I


DIY LED LAMP This lamp cost less than $50.00 dollars U.S. to build and only takes about an hour or two complete. Materials Required 1 – Clear PVC pipeĀ  2.5 diameter or larger diameter. The length is up to the size of lamp you want. I have built both 12 inch tall and a 48

Well well well so very deep!

Here is the newest photo of my niece and nephew. Sitting next to their mom. Still a little shy but not as bad as they used to be.  

good morning

Good morning friends. It’s been too long! Way too long ! This is the first postĀ  I have written from my fire tablet. Heck this is the first post from any tablet. So it is a test for me in a lot of ways. Working on some new projects this fall. One will be items

Let the Holidays Begin

Nov 1 Wednesday All Saints’ Day Christian Nov 2 Thursday All Souls’ Day Christian Nov 5 Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time Nov 7 Tuesday Election Day Nov 10 Friday Marine Corps Birthday Nov 10 Friday Veterans Day observed Federal Holiday Nov 11 Saturday Veterans Day Federal Holiday Nov 23 Thursday Thanksgiving

Good morning little orb spider

What was the first thing I see when going out to the car this morning. I don’t remember but this little girl was on the list near the start. Notice she is missing a leg. Did you know the next molt she will grow a new leg!

GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program)

Was feeling kind of creative the other day so I opened up my old friend GIMP and started going through some tutorials. I just wanted to get away from Photoshop for a bit and see how much GIMP has come along way with the User Interface (UI) and the speed of the program I am

Post Christmas Pre-New Year

I took down the Flash version of the weather sticker. It was causing the front page to stall and not load. Thanks Glenwood Brown for the update I was thinking it was only a windows problem but alas WU has been having issues and it does not look like they plan on addressing them soon.