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Let the Holidays Begin

Nov 1 Wednesday All Saints’ Day Christian
Nov 2 Thursday All Souls’ Day Christian
Nov 5 Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Nov 7 Tuesday Election Day
Nov 10 Friday Marine Corps Birthday
Nov 10 Friday Veterans Day observed Federal Holiday
Nov 11 Saturday Veterans Day Federal Holiday
Nov 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  22 days till Thanksgiving
Nov 24 Friday Lincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s Day State holiday Indiana
Nov 24 Friday Black Friday
Nov 24 Friday American Indian Heritage Day
Nov 27 Monday Cyber Monday
Dec 1 Friday The Prophet’s Birthday Muslim
Dec 3 Sunday First Sunday of Advent Christian
Dec 6 Wednesday St Nicholas’ Day
Dec 7 Thursday Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day
Dec 8 Friday Feast of the Immaculate Conception Christian
Dec 12 Tuesday Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Observance
Dec 13 Wednesday Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day)
Dec 13 Wednesday National Guard Birthday
Dec 17 Sunday Pan American Aviation Day
Dec 17 Sunday Wright Brothers Day
Dec 20 Wednesday Last Day of Chanukah
Dec 21 Thursday December Solstice Season 50 days till winter starts
Dec 24 Sunday Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Monday Christmas Day Federal Holiday 54 days till Christmas
Dec 26 Tuesday Kwanzaa (until Jan 1)
Dec 26 Tuesday Washington’s Birthday State holiday Indiana
Dec 31 Sunday New Year’s Eve




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GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program)

Was feeling kind of creative the other day so I opened up my old friend GIMP and started going through some tutorials. I just wanted to get away from Photoshop for a bit and see how much GIMP has come along way with the User Interface (UI) and the speed of the program I am impressed . Running from my USB drive as part of my portable Apps it took a bit to load but not so bad as to make me wish I never started or anything.
The first part was to create the blue earth like planet. The tutorial (The ultimate gimp planet tutorial) will be found by following this link  TUTORIAL . If you would like a copy of the image for your wall paper just click the image and when the full image comes up right-click and select save image as.

The moon and orange planet are the same steps as the first just adjusting colors and textures. I did how ever find tutorials for doing both planets I perused the tutorials and grabbed a few tips from them but for the most part the steps are the same.
If you would like the GIMP file you can down load it here home world

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Post Christmas Pre-New Year

I took down the Flash version of the weather sticker. It was causing the front page to stall and not load. Thanks Glenwood Brown for the update I was thinking it was only a windows problem but alas WU has been having issues and it does not look like they plan on addressing them soon.
Christmas was wonderful with all seven of the Grand Kids. We had a very happy day and at a very high volume. Great food, Family and fun.
The 26th was just as much fun albeit quieter as Carla, Glen, Jenifer, Roberta and I went out for a movie (Rouge one) and dinner at Wu’s (very long wait but the food and company made it fun anyway)
Four more days of work and then a three day weekend!
Very merry and happy New Year to you all.
Enjoy yourself…it’s later than you think.

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