About The Wort Zone and it’s People

My space in the world wide web. Just a place to create, comment and on occasion blow off a little steam.

This Web page was created
using a mix of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Java Script, HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language.)and PHP (hypertext preprocessor.)
The Best way to view the page is with your screen resolution set at 1152 x 864 or more.
The sight has been tested in Internet Explore 8, Google chrome and firefox.

I am not testing Internet Explorer 7 or below. Its just not worth the effort. I do test with
CSS turned off so if your Browser of choice is Pre IE 8 you can at least read the pages.

There are so many new possibilities with the new Browsers and the adoption of CSS. Not to mention
what we will see in the next few years with CSS3 and HTML5. So Up date your browser to firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or any of the are current and will stay current browers. Microsoft does not rule the web and
should not be holding you back.

Normally all the photos and graphics on these pages are by Dean R Wort
© Dean R. Wort 2002-2012

Graphics and code from these pages
may be used as long as credit is given to
“Dean Wort” or “The Wort Zone”©.

A link would be nice. 🙂

Copyright (c) 2014 The Wort Zone, all rights reserved.

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